we are the strongest

First up, Mitchii for letting me adopt this. I don't always realize that something has a fanlisting, there are a ton and I haven't sat down to go through all the lists. So when I found out that Mitchii own this and was letting it go....Well I jumped on it. And then she told me I had one month to make it. She's so hardcore! But really, I'm super thankful that she let me adopt it. She's amazing. Really the only condition was to take good care of her baby, and I'm going to do just that. TO THE EXTREME! Well kinda but I will take care of it.

This is technically the fourth layout but my first since owning it. I was really inspired by the previous layout for this one. Mitchii is so good! Was done in Paintshop Pro 8 and Dreamweaver CS4. Textures are from Celestial Star and Velvet Factory. Fonts are from DaFont. Image is from Minitokyo. I tried to make it colorful and not too bright or too dark. I think I did alright.