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Final Fantasy II wasn't the first one I ever played. I watched my parents play games as a child but when I could handle an RPG on my own, I actually started with Final Fantast VII. Then when I did play Final Fantasy II, it was on the PSP (I went with the version that was available). And it was awesome. I quickly fell for the characters even though they may not have as much depth as characters have now, I was just loving it. This game deals with all kinds of things, including killing off a good portion of important lovable characters in heart wrenching ways. Then one day Larissa mentioned she was adopting out some of her fanlistings and when I saw that Final Fantasy II was one of them, I asked her if I could take it. She said yes, which just made me happy. And so there you go.

I've decided to keep the fanlisting name the same as Larissa had it. It sounds good and I couldn't think of a better one. This is her reason for naming it The Promised Land: "The name of the site is based on the track "The Promised Land" from the album Final Fantasy: Pray, a collection of FF songs with vocals. The song is based on the "Main Theme" of FFII, my favorite song from the game. Since the game is about a band of rebels fighting for their freedom, I thought it fitting; the "promised land" of peace is what they're searching for."

This is probably the second layout this fanlisting has had but it's the first one I've made for it. It uses the main cast: Firion, Maria, Guy and Leon; it also uses two images and no textures. The fonts used are Final Fantasy and Felix Titling. I honestly like the layout Larissa made more but I like mine, it's simple and I think I did good with the colors.


Contact me if you're interested in affiliating. Any Final Fantasy-related fanlisting is welcome for affiliation.

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