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Welcome to Epic Journey the approved fanlisting for Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) series by Square Enix and art by Akira Toriymama. Yes, THAT Toriyama, the one that did Dragonball. ♥ Dragon Quest is a long game with tons to do and very interesting people to meet. The stories are great, the music is wonderful, and the experience playing is great. Well, you may only get a couple points from monsters, it'll take a bit to level. BUT! There are upsides, like becoming a legenday hero, saving people, fighting huge monsters and being anyhting you want really. And now that some of the games have voice acting it helps transport you to a whole new world. The game has been on many different platforms over the years and has gotten a few remakes and spinoffs as well. I do hope you decide to join.

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I will affiliate with any Dragon Quest/Warrior, Akira Toriyama. Just drop me a line at with your name, url and email. Thank you.


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The Credits. Image was at Creative Uncut. Fonts are Dust Serif, Georgia from Da Font and what I had on my laptop. Layout was made using Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Megan for enabling me at every turn, I will get you back! ♥