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To Brave Heart, the fanlisting you can show off the love you have for Digimon Adventure 02. This is approved fanlisting to the series for the manga and the anime. Join if you'd like. And contact me if there is any confusion or something wrong, I'll get back to you soon as I can. Thank you. And thank you, Megan, for letting me adopt this and using practically everything you had.

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Extra Notes

All of the information (under Story 02 and Characters) was written by Megan and she let me keep all the information she had. So this is her work and not mine. It was just so glorious, I didn't wanna rewrite or toss it. Digimon Adventure 02's information page has been split up into a few different categories so you can understand it better. All information is based off of the ANIME version of Digimon 02, unless stated otherwise. There are many unmarked spoilers included on this part of the site. Please be careful while reading pages that you have no idea about. If any surprises are ruined for you, I'm sorry in advance. Please be a careful reader! Thanks, and enjoy the information.

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